Forex forecast and technical analysis AUDUSD for January 5 2015

We are in bearish mode on AUDUSD currency pair
Here is the forex technical analysis forex forecast for AUDUSD pair, January 5 2015. Below you will find graphical illustrations of forex analysis for AUDUSD on various time frame. We tried to graphically illustrate our forex analysis for AUDUSD so that you can logically understand the visualize of our analysis by yourselves.

Weekly forex forecast forex technical analysis AUDUSD

AUDUSD weekly chart shows us a number of strong bull candle and still the down trend is ongoing. We are expecting that the trend will continue for at least 0.79400. 0.79400 price level is also 61.8 Fibonacci level on monthly chart.
weekly forex forecast forex technical analysis audusd jan 5 2015

AUDUSD monthly technical analysis

On the monthly chart, market is going to touch the upward Fibonacci level 50.0. There is no indication for trend change. It might touch that strong support then the pair will decide whether it will bounce and start a new up trend or it will break it and we might see more down trend.
audusd monthly technical analysis

AUDUSD daily analysis and daily forecast

The daily chart of AUDUSD shows us a nice indication of future down trend. Its clean and still falling
audusd daily analysis and daily forecast

AUDUSD h4 technical analysis

On the H4 chart, the market is below the 50 EMA and the chart is following the trend. We are definitely short on this pair.
audusd h4 technical analysis

Team YellowFX is bearish on AUDUSD currency pair.We will remain bearish until market touches the price level 0.79400.